XP Keylogger

XP Keylogger 5.31

Software to recall entries done on a PC and saved thru an XP file

The XP Keylogger software is an essential tool to have on your desktop. It can be useful especially when you need to trace important information that was entered on your computer.

The XP Keylogger allows you to recover anything that was entered on your PC, which includes keystrokes from the keyboard, files that were logged in like Documents, emails, chat messages and sessions, URLs that were typed in or accessed, passwords, and even Internet forms.

The recovery process even takes note of caps and lower cases of alphabetical and numerical characters, symbols and even backspaces that were done at a specific time frame.

Using this program, documents, passwords, and important details of your account won't be lost or forgotten. The XP Keylogger even aids parents in monitoring their children's computer activities and sessions.